What services does Meyerhofer Steel and Construction provide?

Crane & Rigging

We offer a broad range of cranes from 8 to 120 ton with tip heights of 302’.  Crane types include truck crane and all-terrain. All cranes are 3rd party inspected and all operators are NCCCO certified. Our crews have completed projects from propane tanks to grain bin placement to pre-fabricated houses. We are available 24/7, including emergency situations.


Meyerhofer Construction believes that quality, completion dates and costs can be firmly controlled by assigning total responsibility for all these factors to one single entity: the Design-Builder. As your Design-Builder, Meyerhofer Construction combines strong construction management ability with experience in balancing good design with outstanding value.

Millwright Services

Meyerhofer Construction millwrights are able to install, modify, relocate and maintain your equipment, thereby ensuring the maximum operational efficiency of your facility. We supply the experienced, skilled & certified employees help with your projects.

Project Management

We will supervise any project from beginning to completion and start up. Clients work with one project manager and one project superintendent throughout the duration of the project. We have empowered these individuals to make informed decisions so that our goals of completing any project safely, efficiently, with-in budget, on time and exceeding client expectations.

Repairs and Maintenance

As an industrial contractor with highly skilled and trained millwrights, Meyerhofer Construction performs a wide variety of repair, maintenance and renovation work; generally requiring disassembly and demolition of existing equipment and structures. We recognize that down time and interruptions to production have the greatest negative impact to a plants bottom line. To minimize any down time or interruptions to your production, our team will work with you to strategically plan and schedule any maintenance and repair work.